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Easter Grammar Packet GIVEAWAY!

Hi, everyone! It's Blair from One Lesson at a Time. I've always been a lover of words. Reading them, writing them, putting them together, taking them apart....I just love words. So, teaching grammar has never been a chore for me - in fact, I love finding ways to make grammar fun for students! I've even been known to sneak a little grammar work into a math lesson. {Insert evil teacher laugh here.} You can click on the picture below to see more about how I incorporated parts of speech and sentence construction into a multiplication lesson:

Over the course of this school year, I've been working on a series of grammar packets that I am kind of in love with. :) They are aligned with Common Core standards for 3rd and 4th grade and go along with holidays/seasonal events throughout the year. I just finished my Easter grammar packet and I am going to give one away to an All Things Upper Elementary reader!


Here's a peek at what's inside:

-Student cover page
-Easter Adjectives
-Easter Traditions (Identifying Singular/Plural Nouns)
-Hunting for Prepositional Phrases!
-A Basket Full of Possessive Nouns
-Easter Around the World (Mixed Grammar Review/Parts of Speech)
-Decorating Abstract Noun Eggs
-Cracking Down on Plural Nouns
-Comparative and Superlative Adjectives
-A Collection of Collective Nouns
-Color by Code: Present and Past Tense Verbs
-Easter Scramble (Create Your Own Sentences)
-Answer Keys for ALL Pages

If you want to score your own copy, make sure to enter the Rafflecopter down below! There are a few different options for entries - choose one, or choose them all to increase your odds. The Rafflecopter will be open until Thursday at midnight. 

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  1. Oh my goodness! It's hard to make grammar fun, but I have almost all English language learners so I get them talking out the sentences a lot. And acting them out. Great for ELLs!

  2. LOVE your grammar packet! Thanks for the opportunity to win it!


  3. I wear the glasses with the nose and mustache, and a lab coat to be Dr. Grammar! Dr. Grammar always introduces the new topic/lesson. The kids love it. Fourth graders are not too old for this! :)

  4. I make grammar fun by using different toys (silly putty, slinks, monkeys in a barrel, etc.) We also watch a lot of brainpop.com videos. My kids love them!


    Mrs. Lammert

  5. I love to dress as the "Grammar Guru" the kids love it and know that there's no messing around because...the Grammar Guru has her eye on you!

  6. I really like to use my Interactive Notebook to make it more fun for my students! Thanks for the giveaway :)

  7. I have used toys like Mrs. Lammert, with lessons from Toying with Writing. Currently we are creating a flip book on parts of speech. I just bought the mentor sentences pack from Ideas by Jivey...excited to use that! :)

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this! I'm adding it to my wishlist, just in case!
    The Journey of a Beginning Teacher

  8. Your packet looks great! Would love to use these activities with my students!

    Kim Henry

  9. I just use my sense of humour to make grammar fun....because sometimes making grammar fun is hard. Thanks!

  10. I LOVE your Grammar Packs. My kids don't quibble about doing the work.

  11. I love this pack!! I am keeping my fingers...and toes...crossed for this one. =]

    I teach in a self-contained classroom, and many of my students are struggling readers, which is a challenge to find interesting ELA materials that are appropriate for their reading level...but also their grade levels (5th & 6th). So, to make grammar fun, we listen to current popular music and analyze the lyrics for our grammar lessons. The kiddos don't even know they are learning...they think they are just singing and bopping along! =] Everyone loves a good jam sesh. ;)

  12. My kids love using games like splat, scoot and scavenger hunts to reinforce lessons. We make model posters of what great grammar looks like. Each of my kids gets to be an expert on a grammar rule, and they take their jobs seriously. We have capital letter experts, punctuation experts and all kinds of other experts. These experts are known in the class, so many times students will go to these "experts" for help and then they end up becoming experts as well.


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