Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Upper Grade Test Prep Strategies

Hello Upper Elementary friends! It's Jennifer from Teaching to Inspire in 5th. We are knee deep in test prep over in Georgia. I wanted to write a post describing (and showing a few pictures) of my favorite test prep activities to use.

Gallery Walk:

For this activity, I post several problems on chart paper around the room. In groups, the students walk around and complete each problem. I have them complete them on a piece of paper first. Then, I choose groups to complete on the chart paper. Finally, if time allows, I have the groups rotate through one more time to compare and contrast their answers and strategies with the work on the chart.

Graffiti Test Prep:

If you have never seen this before, students respond to a text or stimulus on butcher paper at the same time. For this activity, I took three test prep questions and taped them to the middle of a piece of butcher paper. I sectioned off the butcher paper into four sections: A, B, C, D. This referred to the students and not the answer choices.
The students had to finish these sentences stems for each of the three questions:

  • The question is asking me...
  • The topic/skill of the question is....
  • I already know ....
  • The answer is ... because ...
  • ....is wrong because... (done for all three incorrect answers)

Hands On Test Prep:

Finally, I love anything hands on that the students can manipulate. Here are two examples of hands on test prep centers I have used.

This one is a dialogue center where the students manipulate the punctuation and place it correctly.

This hands on center has the students correcting pronoun and antecedent agreement errors.

Do you use any of these strategies in your classroom? Or do you plan to try one out? I would love to know which one!




  1. I LOVE your dialogue center! I have really been stressing this week looking for different ways to better prepare my students for the upcoming ELA testing...errr...NEXT WEEK. :( I love that this center is disguised as a game! I cannot wait to use this in my classroom tomorrow. Thanks for the fabulous idea. :)


  2. You are welcome! And thanks for stopping by. I hope your kids love the center!


  3. The students manipulate the punctuation and place it correctly with the help of rewording generator. It just work like magic solve the problem of students.


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