Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Top 5 Reasons to Celebrate PI DAY!

My favorite holiday is just a few days away!  No, I don't mean St. Patrick's Day (but I do love a good homemade Reuben!) I mean PI DAY!  

Pi day is my absolutely favorite day of the year... no, really, it is!  Not a fan? Not sure why you should celebrate it?!  WHAT?!  Okay... here goes...

Reason #5.... PIE is a CIRCLE which means you can get away with bringing in a sweet treat for your kiddos AND it will be content appropriate!  You can use the PIE like CAKE to celebrate Einstein's birthday (which also happens to be 3/14)!

Reason #4.... ALL THE PI SHIRTS!!!  Really, you can't have enough!  Check out some of the shirts I've collected over the years.

Reason #3.... Pi is an irrational number! Because it goes on forever, you can build a chain to help you visualize the "lack of patterns".

Reason #2....Pi is the ratio of a circle's circumference to it's diameter - you could have students measure tons of circles and "discover" pi on their own!  (Think "around" and "across")


Reason #1... Why do you need a reason to get kiddos EXCITED about math!?  Have a great day, make a fool out of yourself!  Get your kiddos EXCITED to have FUN about a NUMBER!!

I hope you have a wonderful Pi day!  If you want to read more about how we'll be celebrating Pi day in my room this year, or want to join in on my GIVEAWAY, check out my blog ( tomorrow 3/13 (or possibly later tonight when I get home!) for some awesome ideas :)

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  1. I like pi day too! I always celebrate with some chocolate crème pie!


  2. Best day of the year for a math teacher! No need to hide your inner dork!


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