Thursday, March 20, 2014

National Poetry Month

I love writing.  I always have.  There's just something about a fresh journal and a brand new pen that makes me want to write ALL.DAY.LONG. I often curl up on the couch and wait for inspiration to hit. Once it does, I become lost in a world of creativity.  Can you tell I'm a Pisces?
Why am I telling you all of this? It's because I'm SUPER EXCITED that April is coming and that only means one thing:  National Poetry Month!  Woo hoo!  An entire month actually dedicated to my favorite genre!  What better way to celebrate than to share some of my favorite poetry sites with you?!?
I hope you find time to use them in your classroom, even if it's just for a quick read aloud.  

This site has some pretty funny poetry that students will enjoy!  One of my recent favorites on the site is found under "Funny Poems."  It's called, "The Teacher Took My iPod." My advice?  Read it out loud.  Poetry is to be shared and enjoyed aloud.


One of my favorite sections on this site is called, "Poetry Class."  Once you click on this tab, you will be taken to a list of poems about writing poetry. One that your students are sure to love is, "I Have to Write a Poem." This explains trying to write a poem when you really don't know how to do it. 

Jack Prelutsky is one of the most famous children's poets! I found this site through Scholastic and it is bookmarked to use with my class next month.  Prelutsky offers a quick workshop where students can draft a poem online. The writing tips are are great for helping your writers stay on track.  Check it out!

There are so many sites that I could spend all day listing them here!  Start with the three listed above and see if there is a need to check out any more.  If you are like me, you will get lost in the poetry and you won't have any time left for additional sites.  Be sure to bookmark these for your students so they can explore poems and poetry writing whenever time permits.

To get you started in your upper grades classroom, download a poem from my new resource, "Spring Activities in a Pinch!"  This resource hasn't been posted, yet, but should be out within a few days.  Look for the link over at my blog, Leanne Baur's Creative Classroom, sometime this week. (Click on the poem to download your copy of it.)

 If you are preparing your files for National Poetry Month, purchase this resource which is filled with poetic terms, posters, and activities to do with your upper grades writers! It will last you awhile!

Here's to a great kickoff to National Poetry Month!  Have fun planning and don't forget to comment and share what you have done with poetry in your classroom. Who knows? We may even feature your ideas in a future blog post! 

Talk to you soon!

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