Thursday, February 6, 2014

Read Like a Historian

Right now, I am so thankful that my internet is working! Here in Maryland, we are covered in some lovely ice! Today, my school was closed but I had no phone, internet, or cable. So much for a fun day off! I did, however, get caught up on some reading and grading. I wonder if any of you are in the same situation? Are there any East Coasters out there???

Today, I want to share a resource with you that I stumbled upon on the web. I teach social studies and I am very focused on having students read like historians as outlined in the CCSS. Students spend time reading about history from multiple accounts and form their own opinions of the material being studied. One way I do this is by having students read about an event in their text books, then read a "Time for Kids" book, and view a video/read an article about the topic. The students really enjoy gathering information across texts and synthesizing it into a presentation to share with the class. To help students better understand history and the importance of using multiple resources, I found this resource:

If you scroll down the page from the link above, you will find FREE posters to hang in your classroom on this topic. I glued mine onto brightly colored paper and laminated them. I refer to them often in order to remind students that they should be reading like historians. These are mine:

My students have been working on presentations after researching Pontiac's Rebellion as part of our Revolutionary War Unit. They could choose a song, poem, speech, poster, or PowerPoint. Here are some examples of what they created:

Needless to say, I was impressed at their creativity and synthesis of the information they had researched. They had truly "read like historians" and had to decide if they would've joined Chief Pontiac or not.

I hope you enjoy the resources I found as much as I did! I spent quite a bit of time on that website gathering ideas for my ELA and social studies classes!  Let's chat again soon!


  1. Losing all of your entertainment sources.....well...that would make for a bad snow day! At least you got to catch up on some of your reading!! :) I love the ideas you presented in this post...reading like a historian sounds wonderful!

    Mind Sparks

  2. The pictures won't load when I view this page. I don't know if that just means it needs to be updated or something because I can see images on your other pages.


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