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Did Someone Say Sale....and a Giveaway?!

Hello friends! Teacherspayteachers is having another one of its annual (and amazing sales). In the spirit of the sale, we at ATUE wanted to do a easy giveaway as an opportunity to give you some extra cash to shop in the form of a TPT gift certificate.

Before we get to the giveaway, lets check out some of the favorite products from our bloggers at ATUE. (Hint...you will need to comment about one of them as part of the giveaway!)

Blogger: Blair Turner

I created this resource as a quick and easy way to help keep track of of my students’ progress. There is an assessment for each Common Core math standard, as well as all the resources you need to track class data and individual student progress

Blogger: MissMathDork

Pi day is just around the corner! This differentiated bundle includes both Area and Circumference of a circle with an embedded craftivity! There are 14 problems for each Tier (3 tiers Area and 3 tiers for Circumference). This activity is ideal for stations, independent or partner practice, or formative assessment. On the answer sheet students should write the heart number, show their work, and give their answer.

Blogger: Jen Bengel

Teach grammar and mechanics for the month of March with these daily printables! Instead of correcting poorly written sentences, invite students to notice what works in well written sentences! These sentences are so much fun and your kids will love them! 

Blogger: CreatedbyMr.Hughes

There are literature response projects, and then there are literature response projects like this!
With TWENTY-FIVE, yes, 25 informative components that are both 3D and flat, your are sure to have a show stopping and informational display that will make you the envy of the school!
And, because the mobile pieces can also be used in an interactive reading journal, this purchase will give you a LOT of options for use in your classroom!

http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Digging-Deeper-into-Problem-Solving-A-Resource-to-Teach-Perseverance-997255Blogger: Fourth Grade Studio

This resource has been an idea in the back of my brain for a long time. Teaching mathematical behaviors is as important a part of what I do with my students as teaching them the math content. One thing I have noticed is that students coming to me often are lacking the "perseverance" needed to successfully tackle new and challenging problems. Over time, I have refined my own definition of what "perseverance" means and have worked hard to teach my students how to be energized, thoughtful mathematicians. I am hoping that you find this resource helpful for you and your grade 4-6 students as well! The unit has a ton of stuff--but the heart of the unit is the 24 high level problems that will really test your students' ability to apply these new problem solving skills. Some of the problems have many solutions. Others are tricky to read and interpret. Others require them to simply "dig in" and start guessing and checking!

http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Rock-the-Test-Common-Core-Test-Prep-Math-Centers-for-4th-Grade-1092965Blogger: Jennifer Findley

This resource (available for 4th and 5th grade) contains 9 Common Core Aligned Math Centers directly aligned to the standards for that grade level. Take a break from the usual stressful test prep, and let the students have some fun with these centers. They will be preparing for the big test without even realizing it.

Blogger: Deb Hanson

Are you looking for some engaging ELA activities to keep your students focused on standards as spring fever sets in? This craftivity bundle contains three separate resources: Idiom Craftivity for Saint Patrick's Day, Fact and Opinion Craftivity for March Madness, and a Parts of Speech Craftivity to mark the beginning of spring! An added bonus: these (and all!) craftivities create eye-catching bulletin boards and hallway displays!

Blogger: Two Brainy Apples

Easily integrate reading and geography with my interactive notebook Geo Journeys! This edition focuses on significant women in history. Perfect for Women's History Month coming up in March. Students will read informational text about 8 women, complete an interactive organizer for each one, answer Close Read questions, geographical questions, and can complete one of the 3 included writing prompts: narrative, informational, opinion. Activities can be completed either whole group, small group, or independently. Made for grades 4-6.

http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/January-June-Writing-Bundles-1044329Blogger: Right Down the Middle with Andrea

Writing is made simple by incorporating this engaging topics into your writing time. You will receive 120 journal prompts in this January-June Writing Bundle. The journal prompts come in two formats. One way is to create a mini-journal with all of the prompts for each month. The other way is a cut-and-paste method where you simply copy the number of topic strips you need for your students, cut the strips, and then tape or paste the topic strips into your students' journals. Your students will love the topics! In addition to the journal prompts, there are 18 essay topics complete with topic sheet/pre-writing organizer, drafting sheets, and a scoring rubric.   

Blogger: 4mulafun

Dividing with Whole Numbers seems to continue to be a struggle for students in upper elementary and even into middle school for some. This flippable works students through the process of setting up a division problem, identifying the quotient, dividend and divisor and working through the steps to solve for the correct answer with or without remainders. Added into this packet is also practice for dividing within word problems with three and four digit dividend for more real-world practice.

Blogger: 2 Peas and a Dog Blog

This product will add spice your reading program. No more boring book reports! Students will have a choice of what to read and guidance on how to choose the right book in a specific genre.


Blogger: Amber Thomas

Poetry Month is coming, but with Common Core, who has time for a whole month? In developing this unit I thought about what I learned about "Power Standards" this year in the ELA curriculum committee I serve on for my district. I asked myself, "What do my students need in order to access poetry for the test, and for later on in life?" I wouldn't be able to turn all my kiddos into amazing poets in two weeks, but this mini unit everything they need to know about poetry in fourth grade.

Now that you have let us share some of our favorite resources with you, let's get to the giveaway! Two lucky winners will each win a $25 TpT gift certificate to shop! To enter, all you need to do is:
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  2. Comment below on one of the featured products. You can comment one that you have and how you are using it, one that is on your wishlist, or one that you would like to add to your wishlist.
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  1. I wold love to get my hands on the Digging Deeper Into Problem Solving by 4th grade Studio. This sound like just what my Intervention classes need!

  2. I have Digging Deeper into Problem Solving. It is excellent! I would love Deb Hanson's March Craftivity Bundle!
    Grade 4 Buzz

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  4. I think the March craftivity bundle looks awesome! I would love to see my students use them to connect with common core!

  5. Blair's Math Resource is AMAZING. I have seen other files like this, but for little old long term substituting me, this is the perfectly AFFORDABLE resource for my new 3rd graders. I cannot WAIT to purchase when it is sale time :) Thanks for creating such wonderfulness.

  6. I am kind of a craftivity junkie. I would love to get my hands on the March craftivity bundle!

  7. I would love the Chains of Circles from Miss Math Dork for Pi Day, 3/14.

  8. I have been wanting to try craftivities, so Deb Hanson's bundle looks great! I'm also intrigued by the Poetry Mini-Unit, though...Decisions, decisions!!

  9. Deb Hanson's bundle looks fabulous and I would love to have Fourth Grade Studio's Perseverance pack!

  10. The third grade quick math assessment looks phenomenal!

  11. I have 4th Grade Studio's Math Perseverance Math Problems. Love them. I think I'd like Blair's CCSS Math Quick Checks!

  12. I think the Digging Deeper into Problem Solving will help my students with their problem solving skills.

  13. I have been eyeing Blair's CCSS Math quick checks since she first added them to her store! They are already in my basket for the sale! :)

  14. Although I teach 6th grade, Digging Deeper into Problem Solving might be helpful since my kids are all below grade level.
    Can't wait for the sale.

  15. I teach fourth and fifth grade and my students also struggle with dividing. I'd love the flipable for dividing whole numbers by 4mulafun! The problem solving problems by Fourth Grade Studio looks like a great resource as well! I'm always looking for fun challenging work for early finishers :)

  16. I have Deb Hanson's March Craftivity bundle and it is awesome!! Lots of fun for students. Thank you for the giveaway!

  17. Oooo. I would LOVE to have Jennifer Findley's Rock the Test test prep centers for 5th grade. Score!!

  18. I have added Amber's Fourth Grade Mini Poetry Unit to my TPT wishlist! It sounds awesome. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  19. I would love to use the dividing by whole numbers pack!

  20. I would love to use http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/January-June-Writing-Bundles-1044329 :)

  21. I could definitely use Blair Turner's 3rd grade Math Quick Checks! (and so many more!)

  22. I love a good giveaway. I could use several of these goodies in our homeschool

  23. Blair's math resources are amazing!!! I love what she creates.

  24. I'd love Rock the Test math centers to use with my fourth graders!

  25. Math Perseverance! Yes! This is what I've been looking for.

  26. I would love to win the Quick Checks 3rd grade - looks like an awesome resource. I've added it to my wishlist to get this week.

  27. I love the rock the test centers.

  28. Ooh, Fourth Grade Studio's Perservance Problems sound awesome!

  29. Would love to have Deb Hanson's March Craftivity bundle! Looks great! Thank you for the giveaway!

  30. The Fourth Grade Poetry Mini Unit looks interesting :)
    Thanks for the contest fun!

  31. I would love the 4th grade Poetry Unit!! Thanks for the opportunity to win =)


  32. I want this so much!! http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Product/Quick-Checks-3rd-Grade-Common-Core-Math-1099710

  33. So many great products listed here! Being a big Pi day fan, my most wished item on this page is the Area and Circumference from Miss Math Dork.

  34. The quick checks would be perfect for my tutoring students!

    - Katy
    firstgradekate at gmail dot com

  35. I'd love the Pi Day Activities from Miss Math Dork! Pi day is just around the corner and some new activities would be great!

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  37. Jen Bengel is a very talented teacher-author. Her work is detailed and engaging. I would love her "Interactive Edits for December. My email is: kzwiey@hotmail.com

  38. I am so excited! So many talented authors sharing their wonderful work. Thank you so much.


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