Thursday, January 23, 2014

Spread a Little Love DOUBLE Linky!

I can't believe we are already three weeks into the year! On top of that there are so many teachers who haven't been having full weeks due to weather conditions around the world and I know that totally throws plans off like crazy!

That being said, we still need to think ahead as we are restructuring things to fit the days we are missing out on and Valentines Day is coming soon! I know in my class we never could really do a party persay but we could do themed math!

When it comes to Valentines Day I think about romantic gestures or even random acts of kindness that we can show toward others. So with that in thought, I have decided to host a DOUBLE LINKY party here on ATUE today!

What is a DoUbLe LiNkY party you ask? Well that is a great question! A Double Linky party means that there are two linky parties within one post. It's pretty simple really, the first linky party will be for LOVED  themed FREEBIES where as the second linky party will be for LOVED themed PAID ITEMS.

Please follow the standard rule of listing no more than three items and to list a paid item you must have a freebie item posted as well. The theme can be loosely taken or other items that would tie into the month of February to help teachers prepare!

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