Thursday, January 16, 2014

Fabulous and FREE!

Hi there! I hope your winter is going well!  It has been very snowy, icy, and cold here in the Mid-Atlantic.  Many people are spending tons of time indoors drinking hot cocoa and warming up by the fireplace. I personally enjoyed taking my son sledding for the first time last week!

One thing I like to do for indoor fun in winter is to browse Pinterest for classroom ideas and resources.  I can get lost for hours on Pinterest boards dreaming of my next classroom makeover or the next set of anchor charts I will create. I also download many, many FREE RESOURCES!

Have you stopped by my popular Pinterest board, "Fabulous and Free?" There are TONS of RESOURCES there for you to download! There are resources for so many grade levels and subjects. You can even find pins from your favorite ATUE contributors! WARNING: You may be browsing all day so clear your plans and get ready to PIN, PIN, PIN!!!

Just click here but don't say I didn't warn you!!!  If you see any fabulous finds, be sure to comment below and let everyone know!