Monday, December 30, 2013

New Year's Reflections: Academic and Social

With all the "pre holiday jitters" behind us, I like to encourage my students to reflect back on what they've learned so far this year, both academically and socially. 

In order to reflect on their academics, I like to use the "color by numbers" system I found on Pinterest here:

As we go over the results of a test, the kids color in the problems they got wrong, then anonymously leave them in a pile to be glued to a file folder.  This way we, as a class, can see what we need to review.  I've been doing this sort of data collection myself for ages (on a blank roster, with x's and o's instead of color) but I feel like the kids are more informed when they see not all questions are the same difficulty-wise.    

As far as fourth grade social skills go, my group this year are pretty good at working together.  Last year my group got really ratty with each other around the holidays, so I took more drastic measures which I described on my blog here.  And although it was a good experience for them, I'm going to save that activity for later this year.  Either when they really need it, or if they stay even keel, it's a nice end of the year activity. 

Instead of writing to each other to build better working relationships with each other, I'll be referring the kids to another great Pinterest find:  our GROUPS and PARTNERS posters.  I altered mine slightly to reflect the reminders needed for specific students in my class, but if you'd like similar free small posters I found them on Pinterest as shown below.

How will you get your students back into the swing of things in January?  



  1. I LOVE this! My group last year was just adorable with each other but I have had some that just couldn't get along no matter what! This is such a great idea!

  2. Thanks, Cassie :) What did we do before Pinterest, eh?

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