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Interactive Notebooks and the Common Core

Hello friends!  Jen Bengel here from Out of This World Literacy.  I hope everyone is having a wonderful November with their students!

As teachers, we all know that one of the best ways to learn is through active involvement.  Students learn best through creating, making connections, and thinking critically.

Interactive lessons and activities are great ways to keep students actively engaged in their learning.

Most of us are accountable for teaching the Common Core State Standards to our students.  But, HOW we teach the standards is usually up to us, the teachers.

Interactive Notebooks in Guided Reading
I have found that using interactive notebooks to teach the reading informational and reading literature standards is one of the best ways for students to learn. 

Some Reasons Interactive Notebooks are so Effective:

1. Students are actively involved in their learning.
2. All learning is kept in one spot and easily organized.
3. It is easy for students to review, and reflect on their new thinking.
4. The lessons are a great way for teachers to quickly assess if students understood the lesson at the end of class.
5. Students can easily share their new learning with other classmates.


Different Reading Times Interactive Notebooks can Be Used:

1. To introduce a lesson during a whole group mini lesson
2. As support during a guided reading lesson
3. Working with partners
4. Working in centers
5. During independent reading
6. During a literature circle
7. To share thinking at the end of a lesson
Talking About New Learning with Interactive Notebooks

Ways to Use Interactive Notebooks:

1. Teach the lesson to the whole group
2. Support the skill through guided reading
3. Ask students to try the skill during independent reading
4. Have students work with a partner 
5. Conference individually with students during independent reading, asking them questions about their new learning and noticing their work in interactive notebooks.
6. Gather back together as a class at the end of the lesson.  Ask students to talk with a partner about what they did in their notebooks.  Have some of the students share their thinking with the class.

Interaction Between the Student and the Text

To learn more about teaching the Reading Common Core State Standards through the use of interactive notebooks, click on the links below:


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