Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Free Thanksgiving Parts of Speech Cards!

Happy November, friends! It's Blair from One Lesson at a Time, here to bring you a fun Thanksgiving freebie!
Like many teacher-bloggers out there, I am officially a clip art ADDICT. Can't get enough. I love JC Sweetpea's clip art and when I saw her option to "buy the store" - I pounced. A girl can never have TOO much clip art! I wanted to get to work using her beautiful art  right away so I created this fun little set of Thanksgiving word cards. They are organized by part of speech:
One reason I pre-sorted them by parts of speech is because it facilitates one of my FAVORITE word card activities: Silly Sentences! Super easy - basically dump all the words on the rug or a table and let the kiddos go to town. They can make the sentences as silly as they want to, as long as they are grammatically correct. I also allow students to change the word to make it fit by pluralizing singular nouns, putting present tense verbs in past tense, etc. Always a big crowd pleaser. 

Here are 10 other ideas for ways to use the cards with upper elementary students:

1) Make a Sentence: Separate the cards into decks for each part of speech. Have students choose one card from each deck and construct a sentence.

2) Vocabulary charades

3) Practice putting words in alphabetical order

4) Words-in-a-word hunt: Choose a card. See how many other words you can create using the letters in that word.

5) Dictionary practice: Have students identify unknown words and look them up in a dictionary.

6) Interactive Word Wall: Post the words on a bulletin board or other display area. As students encounter the words in their independent reading, they add an index card under the word. On the index card, write the title of the book, the page number, and the sentence that includes the word.

7) Act it out: Students work in groups of 3-4. Each person chooses a card and the students work together to act out a scene that includes each word.

8) Find the value of the word: Create a simple Letter-Number code (A=312, B=297, etc.). Have students find the value of each word by finding the sum of the letters.

9) Word work: Write all the singular nouns in plural form. Write all the present-tense verbs in past tense. Write the comparative and superlatives forms of each adjective.

10) Synonyms and Antonyms: Find synonyms and antonyms for each word. 

If you want to download these free Thanksgiving Word Cards, just click on the picture below!

If you are looking for more Thanksgiving grammar ideas, make sure to check out my Thanksgiving Grammar Packet! Click on the pictures below to find it at my TpT store:

If you are a planner and already thinking ahead to winter break (and who can blame ya?), I have a Winter Holidays version as well! Click on the pictures to check it out:

Thanks so much for stopping by ATUE today! Make sure to head over to my blog, One Lesson at a Time, to check out my Thanksgiving FREEBIES Linky Party - some awesome resources have been linked up! Happy Turkey Day!


  1. Oh my gosh! That "buy the store" option is a GREAT deal! Will have to think about that one... :) Your cards turned out great!

    Fifth in the Middle

  2. I LOVE this idea! The clipart is perfect for this activity as well! Thanks for putting this out there!



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