Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Reaching All Students

Some students in my class this year need more intensive intervention to help them progress with their reading proficiency. I've found that I'm pulling out resources I used when I taught first grade.
Most of my target students have not yet mastered their sight words.

Here are some materials I've put to use to meet their needs:

1.  Snap Words by Child 1st
This resource is great for visual learners. It shows a word with a visual cue, hand motion and sample sentence.

2.  RAN boards
Rapid Automatic Naming Boards are useful for fluent mastery practice. Words or phrases are repeated over and over on the board. Students practice reading them as fast as they can.

3. Swat It Sight Word Games
I've made resources for all the Fry Words in a fun game format. Students compete to swat sight words with a fly swatter which is by far a favorite!

What is in your bag of tricks for reaching all students?


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