Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Guided Reading Organization

Hi guys! It's Jennifer from Teaching to Inspire in 5th. One of my favorite parts of the year is getting my guided reading notebook organized. I change some parts of it every year and keep some the same.

Let's take a quick peek inside my guided reading binder for this year.

My main goal when I get it set up is: Keep it Simple! I try to get it to the essentials that I need to maintain my records for each group. Here is what I include:

1. My first section contains my whole group data information such as guided reading levels, spelling levels, and any other whole group data that pertains to reading.

 2. The next section has a numbered tab for each student in my class. This is where I keep my running record data. I have a spreadsheet graph that I complete each time I do a running record and then I place the running record underneath the graph.

Under each tab you will find a graph of each running record and then the actual running record forms.

3. The next tabs are were I keep my group records and information. Each group tab contains four items: the current week's lesson plans, the list of books we have read as a group, my guided reading groups note page where I keep anecdotal notes on the group's progress and needs, and the independent reading conference forms for the students in that group. (I keep the independent reading conferences in this section because I complete those conferences once a week while they are back with me in their group.)

4. And finally I have a section in the back for blank forms.

And that is it! I keep it simple but organized.

What are some must haves that you include in your Guided Reading notebook or binder?


  1. I always love something to help me stay organized!!

  2. Replies
    1. Hi Linda, I made some of them and some of them were provided by my school. I have the cover that I can send you if you want. The other forms I only have hard copies of, unfortunately. Email me at j_findley2003@yahoo.com if you want me to send you the cover. Thanks!

  3. Indeed, keep it simple! It’s funny how sometimes we take a lot of steps to make things simple. Isn’t it ironic? That’s why I love your post. Keeping things simple means removing all frills. Just stick to the basics.

    Ruby Badcoe

  4. Wow I love it. I'm going to set my binder up this weekend. Your post was very helpful. How often and how long do you meet with your groups for guided reading? What are your other kids doing during this time? I teach fifth as well


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