Friday, October 11, 2013

Guest Post from iTeach 1:1, QR Codes

Hello, upper elementary friends!  It's Kristin from iTeach 1:1 here to share how I use QR codes in my fourth grade classroom.  
I mainly use QR codes for self-checking purposes on my task cards during math workshop.  Even though my students are essentially doing “worksheet-like” math problems, they have no idea because they are so mesmerized by the magic of QR codes.  I love that my students can get immediate feedback at a center while I’m busy working with guided groups.  If you’d like to try QR code task cards with your students, I have a set of mixed operations you can download for free by clicking the image below.  
I’m sure my students would tell you that scavenger hunts are their favorite QR code activity, probably because they love moving around the room hunting for the answers.  If you'd like to try one for free, click on the image below. 
In order to scan a QR code, you need a device that has a camera, such as an iPad, tablet, iPod Touch, smart phone, or laptop/desktop.  You will need to download one of the many free QR code scanning apps onto your device.  A couple of my favorites are i-nigma and Scan by QR City.
My students use both iPads and their laptops to scan QR codes.  Many people are unaware that you can scan QR codes on a laptop/desktop, but here’s a post I wrote about QR Journal.
My two favorite sites for generating QR codes are QR Stuff and Unitag.  Students can easily generate their own QR codes using these sites.  Here's a recent bulletin board my fourth graders made using Unitag.  Each QR code takes you to an iMovie book trailer they created.
If you're interesting in getting started with QR codes, be sure to visit my blog and store for more ideas and freebies.
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  1. Great post! I have been dying to try QR codes in my classroom...and this blog post is a perfect tutorial on how to get started. Thank you!!

    Mind Sparks

  2. I agree. Thank you so much for sharing this! It's definitely something I've been meaning to try, and now I feel like I can :)
    Chris Making Meaning

  3. Mind blowing post!! Thank you for sharing it with us!! Keep blogging!
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