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Fifteen Ways to Give Positive ClassDojo Points: Guest Poster, Flapjack Education Resources

ClassDojo is awesome and you probably already know this, but I just wanted to share with you some ways I reward my students with positive DoJo points. If you haven't gotten around to learning about ClassDoJo, just google and you will find umpteen amazing resources.

Thankfully, I have a fantastic class this year, and I rarely have to resort to giving negative points. It seems focusing on the positive points has been more than enough motivation for them up until now. So I'm always looking for more ways to award them the points they want so badly.

Here Are 15 of Those Ways:

  1. Completed Homework (my students get one every day)
  2. Getting All Math Homework Problems Correct - Since we can't grade homework, I still have students put up pencils and self-check with highlighters. On some days I will choose to give Dojos to anyone who had every answer correct. This really motivates them to do their best on these assignments.  
  3. Giving 110% Percent - Students receive A's in my class if they do what I ask. But if a student goes above and beyond on a project or science journal activity, I also award them a positive DoJo.
  4. Awesome Answer in Class - Sometimes a student just says something that is pure genius. This earns them a point. I also give challenge problems in math. Students answer on individual whiteboards. Positive Dojo points are given to correct answers.
  5. Being Quiet in the Line, Fire Drill, Cafeteria, etc. - This could be whole group or individual.
  6. Getting a Hall Compliment from Staff - They earn 1 point as a class for teacher compliments and two points for administrator compliments.
  7. Helping Classmates - If a student finishes early, I often have them help others. If a student didn't listen to my instructions, I ask another student to explain what I said (this also helps my sanity). If a student spills their water or box of school supplies, I observe to see who helps. Then I add DoJo points from my phone or desktop.
  8. Solving a Dispute Amongst Classmates - When students are in groups and I see them solve a dispute without me, they deserve a positive DoJo.
  9. Saying a Kind Word - I'm always on the lookout for kind words, encouraging words, compliments, etc. that can be awarded points.
  10. Picking up Trash
  11. Tidying Up - Students earn points all the time if they tidy up something that was left undone. This happens a lot with my math station materials.
  12. Finding Lost Materials - We play lots of math games, so inevitably materials will go missing. If a student finds a bingo chip or game card that was not put up, they earn a point.
  13. Taking Initiative - There's a wrapper at the lunch table that nobody wants to claim, so Jerry puts it in the trash. Jerry just earned a DoJo point.
  14. Beginning Morning Routine Well - If students are having trouble getting started, just start awarding students who are working with Dojo points. Make sure the volume is turned up on your desktop. You don't have to say a word. When students start hearing the positive DoJo sounds, they will get the message and start preparing for the day.
  15. First One Ready- While transitioning to another activity, I often look for the first CALM student or table of students and give them points for being ready.

I know many of these we obvious, but hopefully a few were helpful! Have a great week with ClassDoJo!

Tabitha Carro


  1. I love the practice of focusing on the positive rather than singling out the negative. Great ListQ

    Digital: Divide & Conquer

    1. Thanks for the ideas. I just started and Class Dojo Rocks! It's a great class management tool.

  2. I've been thinking about trying classroom dojo this year, you just inspired me to give it a serious look. Thanks!

    Wild About Fifth

  3. I have been using class dojo for a month now. This gave me some more ideas for how to reward my students. Thanks for the ideas.

  4. I am using Dojo for the first time year. My 5th grade kiddos love it! Here are a few additional ways I give away points: passing an Accelerated Reader quiz, bringing back a signed study guide, and bringing in extra supplies for Science labs. I have been giving away coupons each week for their earned points, but am looking for new ways the kids to use their points. Any suggestions

  5. I LOVe dojo! I just added "taking initiative" for a point this year too. I have such a nice group of kids who were being great examples of taking initiative for things like picking up trash without being asked or even reminding the class to follow the rules! :-) I also give a point for using rich vocabulary which they love. :-)

  6. Saw this from Pinterest, and saw ideas I could use in my high school class. (; I'm excited.

  7. Thank you so much for your ideas. I have added a few extra positive points to my ClassDojo. If you have a reward system that you use for students with a certain number of points, please share.

  8. Thank you so much for your ideas. I have added a few extra positive points to my ClassDojo. If you have a reward system that you use for students with a certain number of points, please share.

  9. Thank you for the ideas! I started using ClassDojo this year and absolutely love it! A couple of positive points that I use are for "Good Teamwork" and "On Time & Ready to Go". There are several times throughout the week that I group students together for a particular project. I award a "Good Teamwork" Dojo if they are able to work together, solve differences, and not argue. If I have to intervene to solve a problem or tell them to quit arguing then they do not get that point. The second is similar to #14 above. The students have to unload their backpacks, go to the restroom, sharpen two pencils, and be in their seat with a book open reading quietly by the time the attendance is taken. It has worked great! I have had less tardies this year than ever before, and the students are prepared!

  10. I've been using Class Dojo for a few years. I love these new ideas and I think it's time I redo my dojo consequences. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I love class dojo. I have a lot of these already in place, but here's a couple I also add:
    Correct uniform (students at my school have to wear collared shirts tucked in and belts with navy or khaki bottoms. A perfect uniform gets a point)
    Awesome attendance (I have a lot of issues with tardiness and absences. Students on time get a point. I know it sometimes isn't their fault, but I find they're less likely to fight their parents about getting to school or maybe won't dilly dally in the hall)

  12. Manoj here from ClassDojo. Wow. Thanks FlapJack and All Things Upper Elementary for the great post. 15 AMAZING ideas on using ClassDojo. We love hearing how each teacher is able to adapt the tool to their classroom, so we always hear new ideas every day. We have some new features come out that we'd love your thoughts on! Please shoot me an email at: :) Cheers and thanks for the support!

  13. This upcoming school year will be my 1st full year as a teacher, and I plan to use Class Dojo. I have my reward system ready, but I'm waiting on creating the positive behaviors until closer to b2s time when I'll receive my roster and create my class. I love these ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  14. I have a few other rewards that I use. Creative thinking, Active Participation, Active Listening(2), Being Prepared, 100% in Spelling, Improved Spelling, For helping others, Excellent work in...( I have 3 different ones like this, Outstanding classroom behavior, Improved classroom behaviour, Staying on task, Tech Savvy, Teamwork, Home Reading. I also reward for the accumulation of points. For every 25 points they get a little Reward card, at 50 they get an award and a lucky dip and so on. At 200 points I just gave them water ice blocks at their request.

  15. I use Class Dojo for my 3rd and 4th graders. It works great.. But I have a question; do you know if there is a similar version of it or another classroom management programme like this to use for high school classes?

  16. Thanks a lot for the info! I've got a great bunch of ideas to start using CD ¡Gracias!


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