Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back to School Reflections on Day 1

This is the view from my door looking into my classroom. I teach 8th grade in a suburban city in Ontario, Canada. Yesterday was my first day of school. In most of Canada we do not start back until after Labour Day, but we go until the end of June.

My first day was exciting. No first day is ever the same. Normally all of our school starts with homeroom for Periods 1 and 2. This year my planning time fell during Period 1 and the French teacher really wanted to get started and meet her students.

I met my students and their parents out on the black top, took attendance and then I got to go photocopy. It was such an odd feeling not starting the first day with my homeroom. The bonus for my students is that they did not have the same teacher six periods straight and they got to experience more of a "high school" setting.  They won't have a homeroom teacher in high school just a different teacher for periods 1-4.

Some of the "special" things we did today:

  • every student in my homeroom got a first day package from me with a bookmark, pencil, homework pass, a letter from me and a letter about me from a previous student. Students love reading what my previous students have to say about me. I don't edit or censor the letters. Students write them in June and I put them in envelopes in September. 
  • after students read the letters they "brainstormed" our class rules - but they already had the inside scoop from my previous students
  • community building activities with all 3 classes together or 2 classes together
  • played people BINGO -  click below for the FREEBIE! This game can be played anytime through out the year to get your class up, moving and talking to each other. 

I hope your first day back went as well as mine.

Thanks for reading,

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  1. I love how you gave your students a letter about yourself; very creative. I just gave my students the simple stuff: pencil, bookmark, eraser, white glue, Post-It notes (to be used during Exit Slips). My French is today. I am looking forward to having my planning time today. I also teach in Ontario; 20 minutes from Toronto. Hopefully, we will have a Ontario bloggers meet-up one day. Have a great day at school.

  2. I think having former students write letters to the next class about you is a terrific way to introduce yourself! Love it!
    Desktop Learning Adventures

  3. We can rephrase my sentence with the help of our services with excellent way. Students write them in June and I put them in envelopes.


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