Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Ready.... Set.... ENGAGE!

It's the first week.  The seats are lined up neatly.  The kiddos are smiling and excited to be back.  You've gone over rules and expectations.  It's time for the first activity.  The kiddos' minds are racing with anticipation to see just what type of teacher you really are......

The first activity is CRUCIAL.  You need to ENGAGE the kiddos from the start.  The kiddos are counting on you to set the speed for the year.  Hmmm... so do you teach a new concept, or review an old?  Want to team build and get your new groups working together?  Want to compete? AND want to have fun? Why not do all of that in one activity!?

Well, I've got an idea just for you!  Relays!  But not just any relays - Seasonal, creative, build-a-bear type relays!  Kiddos LOVE these.  I have had so many teachers tell me how much fun their kiddos had with these.  The best part is that they are completely editable to fit your needs!

Here's how they work!

You can use ANY topic, ANY subject, ANY types of questions to make this relay work!  AND... there are 10 different ones to choose from!  All four seasons and "major" holidays!

Want to see how the art work turns out?  Check out Beach Bum Relay  in Yearn To Learn's classroom, Lucky Day Relay in Math, Science, Social Studies OH MY!'s classroom and Frosty Relay in my Classroom.  

Want to try out a relay?  Check out this FREEBIE .... not quite what you were looking for? Check out all 10 relays, including the bundle and some that are specific to math content.   

On a side note, I started back this week to school.  I would imagine most of you are starting soon, if you haven't already....  Best wishes on a blessed school year to each of you!

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