Friday, July 19, 2013

Vista Print Fun! Make it to Match Your Theme!

Hey guys! It's Jennifer Findley from Teaching to Inspire in 5th. I feel like it has been forever since I posted on here! Today I wanted to share with some of my newest vistaprint creations! 

 First, I had to find a coupon or something to help with the costs (I believe Vistaprint is on to the teachers using all those free shipping discounts :( ) So I headed to groupon and snagged this deal! $17 dollars for $70 worth of stuff? I think I will. 

Note: The discount does NOT cover shipping, but they offered me another deal that if I spent $25 over the $70 the shipping would be free. The shipping was about that much (maybe a little more) so I took them up on it! Grand total was $45 ($28 at Vistaprint and $17 for the Groupon deal)

Here is what I got:

Labels Galore: I got all these labels for my folders and notebooks...140 per design so I can use them for about 4 years! YES!

Slant Banner: I had another Slant Banner, but I really wanted one that matched my theme (can you tell what it is yet?)  I did decide to change the Nod in Response to Note Key Information because I always felt so silly modeling that one! (Bobblehead, anyone?)

Show What You Know Exit Slip (Magnet Style): This was another product that I had before that I gave a facelift. I ordered the large magnet as the title. I write student numbers on the smaller magnets. The magnets are placed on the markerboard underneath the title. The students put their post it note beside their magnet.

And then I ordered a few new stamps to supplement my ever growing collection of  Vistaprint stamps.

So wanna know how to make your own custom designs? It is easy, but you have to be very patient and adjust your images as needed.

Step 1: 

Adjust the size of your powerpoint slide to make the resolution high enough. Here is what I used:

Step 2: 

Make your design in powerpoint and then save the finished slide as a picture. (Be prepared that you may have to change it!)

Step 3: 

Choose the product from Vistaprint and follow these screens.

Step 4: 

Upload your picture and see what it looks like. Here was my first try at the labels. Notice how the border needed to be adjusted.

Step 5: 

Using the picture from Vistaprint as a guide, adjust your slide to make it fit the way you want. Here is my finished label and how it looked on the slide.

{Background from Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah Designs}
{Fonts from KG Fonts}

Because I wasn't using a special offer from Vistaprint, I was not charged extra for the image upload. It was just part of the price. I hope this helped and you can make some cute themed vistaprint products! 

Check out my blog to see some pictures of these items in action for in the next few weeks!



  1. Those look so great! I need to try out Vistaprint soon :)

    How do you get the fonts colored in? Is it a regular font? It looks really fantastic and easy to read.

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  2. Hi Jenny! It is a a regular font (Kg Fonts: The Last Time). I use the Word Art Styles in Powerpoint and then fill it in with the color I want and line with another color (usually black). Hope this helps!


  3. I am so happy to see your post! I was just telling my cousin that lots of teachers make cool decorations using Vista Print but I had no idea how to do it. Perfect Timing! Thanks soooo much, Heather

  4. Just got my groupon! So excited to use your ideas for inspiration for my own classroom!


  5. Jennifer, I have been wondering how to create all these wonderful products that I see on all these blogs. Is there a tutorial somewhere? I really appreciate your blog here. It helps for us uncreative souls...

  6. Thanks! You motivated me to give Vistaprint a whirl today! I found a coupon on Retail Me Not and saved a bundle that way. The return address labels were less than $2 and free shipping with $50. I didn't have any problems with the address labels, but when I made the post cards and business cards my resolution was low. I played with it but couldn't figure it out so I just went with it. I hope they turned out ok.

    Renee J
    Growing a Teacher

  7. I used the Groupon last year (had some issues with Vistaprint accepting it, but they resolved the issue within 24 hours:). I made magnets of my reading strategies for our state test! That way parents had them. I also made business cards - but we have a new team this year so I'll be tossing those.



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