Monday, June 3, 2013

Punctuation: Making it Interactive

Let's face it, punctuation to many students can seem dry and monotonous.
Here's a way to make it interactive and fun.

Here's how I did an end of the year punctuation review with my class:

1. I used cooperative structure groups of 4 students. 6 teams worked together to earn points for their team.

2. Each student was assigned a number 1-4.

3. I called out a task for each group to discuss and generate answers as a team member recorded ideas.
Example prompts:
What are some ways to use commas?
Write an example of a declarative sentence.
Give an interrogative sentence about school.
Write a sentence using dialogue.

4. After a few minutes I randomly selected a number 1-4. The student from each team assigned that number had to come to the white board and record an idea their team created. It had to be completely correct in order to earn a team point. This helped with accountability and engagement in the lesson, because during the task discussion the team doesn't know who will be responsible for answering for their group.

A cute literature tie in to the skill of punctuation is Punctuation Takes a Vacation by Robin Pulver.
I found this cute video of a teacher's class acting out the story line.

Click photo to view Mrs. Martin's 3rd grade skit

On a grammar related note I've been busy my first week of summer vacation creating a new product line called
"To the Point"
Here's a peek at what I've accomplished so far...more are in the works!
You can check them out {HERE}

Happy Summer everyone. If you are still in school, hang in there.



  1. This is a great idea! My students really struggled with using punctuation correctly. I really like this idea of reviewing it all together in groups! Kids always love a good class competition. :)

    Adventures in Room 204

    1. Group competitions are always great motivators. Your class will enjoy it.

  2. Super cute! I TOTALLY need to improve what I do in this area next year!


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