Monday, June 10, 2013

Calling ALL Book Lovers!

Can one EVER have too many books? Or READ too many books?

If you ask me, the answer is simply- NOT A CHANCE! Just ask anyone I work with OR come and take a peek in my room. They will let you know that I have as many or more books for youth than our local library! ha ha. And THAT is just awesome-sauce!

I absolutely LOVE to read, to collect books, and, my most favorite thing to do with my students, is read out loud to them. 6th graders are funny creatures. I have years where the students tell me from day one the HATE to be read to.

I smile and tell them that they will have to "get over it". The slump down in the their chairs and stare at the ceiling. They do the same thing the next day. By the next day they are sitting up with their heads resting on their hands, and then it isn't long before they are leaning towards me, eyes focused, and questions ready. It is a truly magical event.

Nothing gives me more of a kick when I stop every day and a cliff-hanger in the story.

"NOOOOOOO! Mr. Hughes, you CAN'T stop there! It isn't fair..." I smile, walk to my desk and put the book away. I keep my ears open as the students transition to the next part of our day and grin as I hear them debating what will happen next, or who is going to get caught or achieve the goal.

No, nothing can beat read aloud time with students. A close second is sharing a great book I just read with my class or a student that I know will LOVE the genre, topic, or style. I really don't read many "adult" level books. I don't appreciate the content in most of them- the offensive language and such... sigh. Not sure why it needs to be there. AND, I love the story lines that accompany YA writing.

So, where is all this leading?

I am working hard to create a HUGE database of read aloud books (or books that you love) for grades 3-8 on my blog. It will be a linky "party" that I never intend to close. After all, new and exciting books are being written and published all the time. We need to have those included too!


So far I have encountered many teachers who have told me that "they don't get to read aloud" to students. SO WHAT!!!!! :) Link up the books you loved growing up, the books you love to share with your kiddos, the books you have had students share with you.

To link up is REALLY easy! All you have to do it blog about your books (1-5+) in a single post. Tell why you love the book, why the book is a great read, and/or how you have used the book with students. Be sure to put the book title and author where you would normally put YOUR name in the linky.

Then, link EACH TITLE in the grade appropriate linky on my blog. And link each title back to YOUR post!

You can read all the how-to's over at An Educator's Life. It is my sincere hope that you will join in by linking, and, just as importantly sharing this with ALL your social media friends! :) Pin it, Facebook it, Tweet It, Google +1 it, and "whatever else"-it you belong to.

Click HERE to learn more and help build this amazing collection we can all use for years to come! WAHOOOOOO!

Click on the picture below to visit the post, check out the current shared books and fall in love with a new book!

Thanks so much for your help and support!
Have a great week and stop by often-
-Mr. Hughes

 P.S. The first chapter of my Summer Book Club was posted today over on MY blog, An Educator's Life. Come and check out the post about Chapter One from Teaching with the Common Core Standards (Grades 3-5).  Even if you prefer not to read the book with us, you can still join in the discussion and share your thoughts! We would LOVE to have you stop by! WAHOO!

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