Tuesday, June 25, 2013

ATUE Freebie Roundup!

I'm forever in awe at the creativity of my fellow bloggers here at All Things Upper Elementary! Seriously, these peeps are the real deal. And if you haven't checked out my friends' free stuff lately, you are missing out. Collectively, the ATUE staff is one lean, mean, fabulous-freebie machine. :) Today, I wanted to do a roundup of some our favorite free items! Every item in this roundup is totally and completely, no-strings-attached freeeeee!

1) Framed Goals Printable from 4MulaFun

4MulaFun is offering these adorable "Goals4All" free printables over at her blog. I love how versatile these are - you can use them in your classroom or at home! There are 4 different colors/designs and they are all super cute. Perfect to pop into a frame or laminate to use over and over. Click the pic to check them out!

2) Order Up! Spelling Patterns from Mr. Hughes

Mr. Hughes has a new line of products in his store called "Order Up!" and they are awesome. Reviewing spelling patterns can be a drag, but Mr. Hughes' interactive game makes it so much fun! Students will snip apart the Order Up strips and arrange them in the correct sequence on their work mats. Such an easy and useful center activity - and my favorite part is that it is self-checking! Click the pic to download it for free at TpT:

3) Math Common Core State Standards 3-5 Checklists from Miss Math Dork

Miss Math Dork's free CCSS Checklists are a MUST HAVE for any teacher currently using or preparing to transition to Common Core. These checklists will help you track when you teach each standard, as well as when each student has mastered each standard. You will want to have these on hand for the start of the next school year to stay organized in your data collection! Click the pic to check them out and download them for free at TpT:

4) Descriptive Adjective Match from the Peanut Gallery

I love this resource for teaching kids to use vivid vocabulary. Students must match each descriptive adjective to its synonym. Then, they use a color code to cross out the adjective in the word bank. I know in my classroom, one of the easiest ways to keep my kiddos happy is to tell them they get to bust out the colored pencils. I love kids...they appreciate the little things. :) Click the pic to download a copy free at TpT:

5) DIY Reading Calendars from Blair Turner

One day, after forgetting to send in for copies of my monthly reading calendars, I had my kids create their own "bingo" style boards and the DIY Reading Calendar was born. :) I love these because kids get to brainstorm their own fun reading activities and are way more motivated to actually read at home. This is a great way to get students to take ownership of their reading - much more fun than just filling out a standard reading log. Click the link to download them for free via my blog, One Lesson at a Time:

6) Mixed Operations Word Problems Grades 4-5 from Fourth Grade Studio

These word problems from Fourth Grade Studio are a great resource for 4th and 5th grade teachers! I love finding ready-to-go word problems. Some great things about this freebie: it's Common Core aligned, the problems are presented in 3 different ways, AND there's even a rubric included! Click the pic to download it from TpT:

7) Math Common Core Addition Rounding Inverse Paleontologist Performance Task Slice from 2 Brainy Apples

My school did a ton of training with Understanding by Design (UbD) this year, so I was really excited to find this great performance task from 2 Brainy Apples. This is a great resource to assess rounding in a meaningful, real-world context. Students will take on the role of interns going on an excavation trip.  This task is Common Core aligned and is designed using the GRASPS model. Click the pic to download it free at TpT:

8) Dice Games - Reading and Language Arts by Common Core and So Much More

This is a set of super-fun dice games to work on reading and language skills. Included are games to work on spelling, dictionary and thesaurus skills, and reading fiction and non-fiction. Such fun and easy center activities! Click the pic to download them free from TpT:

9) Task Cards Frames and Borders Template by Amy Alvis

Amy Alvis's task card templates make creating task cards a snap. I use them in all of my task card products. :) This template has 4 pre-made task cards to fit an 8.5 x 11 inch page. It's super easy to layer on top of cute backgrounds, or leave blank and just fill with problems or text/clip art. Click the pic to get it for free on TpT:

10) Drawing Inferences Printable Bookmarks and Worksheet from Jen Bengel

I love these adorable drawing inferences bookmarks and worksheet from Jen Bengel. This is a great tool to assess student understanding. They can be used during independent reading time, as well as guided reading or center work. Click the pic to download them free at TpT:

11) Back To School: Pre-Teen Style from Jennifer Findley

This packet of back to school activities is perfect for the upper elementary crowd. A great, ready-to-go resource to save you time as you prepare your classroom for the upcoming school year. Included are handouts for class rules/policies/procedures, along with fun activities to help students get to know their classmates. Click the pic to download your copy:

12) My Summer in Tweets by Right Down the Middle with Andrea

This back to school resource will immediately make you cooler in the eyes of your upper elementary students. Get students excited to share their summer experiences with their new classmates by asking them to tweet about it! Click the pic to download it free:

13) Teacher's Back to School To-Do List from Amber Thomas

Get yourself organized for the new school year with Amber Thomas's Back to School To-Do List. The start of a new school year can be so overwhelming, even for a veteran teacher, so this categorized list of what needs to get done is a must download. Click the pic to grab it for free:

14) Writing Feedback Notes from Yearn to Learn

These writing feedback notes are a great way to get organized before launching your writing workshop. These brief notes for editing meaning and content, grammar, punctuation, and penmanship can be written to help guide revisions. Click the pic to download them free at TpT:

Whew! That's a whole lot of free. There are tons more freebies at each ATUE collaborator's TpT store and blog! We hope you'll check them out and find some great new resources to help you as you prepare to enter a new school year. Have a great week!


  1. What a great collection of freebies! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Thanks for sharing all this great stuff!!!! I think the teacher's to do list is exactly what I need. For someone else to have already done the thinking. :)


  3. What a great resource...thanks so much to all involved for sharing! =)

  4. Wow! I am so excited to brainstorm how I am going to use these!! Thanks for sharing!


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