Thursday, May 30, 2013

One of those Weeks...

Yep, we all have them. Just one of those weeks where everything is on your plate and something has to give. Well this week it had to be my scheduled blog post about "Making Time for INBs". Quite fitting if you think about it.

Some of you may know my mother was recently diagnosed with Lymphoma. Last Friday she had her second round of chemo treatments and the week after is always the "bad time". Since my father is a teacher as well, and I am able to work remotely (benefit of virtual teaching), I volunteered to come over and stay during the week so she would have someone to help care for her.

Well, my focus hasn't been on writing a blog post and here I sit at 9:34 pm on Wednesday night to let you know that I'm not forgetting about you all but I wanted to let you know.

I will be back with the blog post about Making Time for INBs in your Classroom in 2 weeks but for now, please jump on over to my blog where I have an Interactive Notebook Linky Party going on! It's for all subjects and all grades! There are so many new people jumping on the INB wagon this summer and we all need inspiration!

Feel free to share a blog post, pictures and/or video for Interactive Notebook resources for others! No product links please.

So, until next time...

Mathematically Yours,

Jennifer Smith-Sloane
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  1. Your focus has been where it should be:). Good thoughts and prayers going out to your mom, and your family. I might be brave enough to link up on this one - my INBs are not masterpieces like some I've seen online, but I've got a trick or two.

  2. You and your family will be in my prayers. I am hopping over to your blog now. Take care!
    Brandee @ Creating Lifelong Learners

  3. I will be keeping your family in my prayers, Jennifer.

  4. My prayers go out to you and your family. Take care of what's really important. :)


  5. Hugs and prayers for your mom, you, and your whole family. What a blessing you are to both your mom and dad at this difficult time.
    God Bless, always, Jennifer.


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