Friday, April 19, 2013

Guest Poster, Joey Udovich: Earth Day Symmetry Freebie

Did you know that...
The Earth has a whopping diameter of 7,926 miles and that it orbits around the sun at a speed of 18.5 miles per second or 67,000 miles per hour??

Or that...
Seventy-one percent of the Earth's surface is water?  The Pacific Ocean makes up 70 million squared miles of that space.  That's a LOT of water!

How about...
Approximately two million species of animals, plants and other organisms have been identified and named; it is estimated that approximately 50 million species have yet to be identified!  Wowza!!

On Monday, April 22nd, we will be celebrating our magnificent home called Earth!  Knowing just how precious it is, I wanted to create something for my classroom kiddos to make them "take a closer look" at the world around them.  What's even better is that you can sample it for FREE! Woo hoo! 

So here we go...enough talking...let's take a closer look!!

 Before heading outdoors, we took a closer look at symmetry.  What did they know about it?  Could they identify lines of symmetry?  What was rotational symmetry and assymetrical figures? To do this, we used our symmetry, take a look!

Once we had that mastered, and knew better what to look for, our journey into nature began.  We recorded, documented, and discussed symmetry in nature.

After we were done "playing" outside, we headed into our building and found a few more symmetrical items.

We discussed what made them symmetrical and where their lines of symmetry would be.  It was so much fun watching them get excited over who found what and why and how they were and weren't symmetrical!

Lastly, we headed back to our seats to discuss, compare, and finalize our drawings on what we found.  Using the graphing paper in the packet, they were instructed to draw something in nature that would have symmetry.  Take a look at some of our work! :)

I can honestly say that we had a great time discovering, interacting, and learning about nature!  I really hope that you enjoyed my post and that you will stop by my TpT store to get your FREE symmetry worksheet sample from this product!  Follow this link and download the preview to check it out. :)

You may or may not have plans for Monday, but keep in mind that we can celebrate our earth 365 days a year! 

Thank you for taking the time to visit with me today and I hope that you will come visit me on my blog, Facebook, TpT, and TN store to see what else I have for ya!  You can find those links below. :)  Be sure to FOLLOW ME on my sites, so you can receive updates on my latest products and freebies that I will be making available to all of you! :)

Sending hugs your way!


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