Thursday, February 21, 2013

Another day, Another set of goals...

As many of you know, I have changed positions recently and with that came a whole new way of making things work for not only myself but also for my students. Let me give you a little bit of background.

I work with Texas Virtual Academy as a Special Education Teacher. I have a caseload of 25 students (19 7th graders and 6 8th graders) who all are in Special Education for one reason or another. It is my job to make the virtual education work for them and meet their needs of their IEPs as well as meet the standards for our state testing. Easy, right?

Well, as many of you are aware Special Education students have varying needs and are all at varying abilities. It so happens I have a few that really need my organizational skills to help them get through their day. Enter our PLAN OF ATTACK.

There are 10 different assignments on the Plan of Attack and this is my student's plan for the day. I include any assignments that he/she must complete. I made sure to give them a place to be able to mark the assignment as DONE as well as a place for them to write notes about the assignment.

Since I have implemented this with a few of my students there has been a miraculous turn around in what they are able to accomplish. The numbers don't lie! We are going from getting maybe 1 activity a day complete to now getting between 80-90% complete each day!

What happens to what they don't finish? It goes on the next day's list as an assignment all lumped in one! Yep, sometimes we have to catch up but the success is paying off ten-fold!

And as an added bonus, I am sharing a blank Plan of Attack for you to use! It's a great way to accommodate for learners who just get frazzled by too many things incoming. I know that I made lists when I was in school just being the OCD self that I was and marking them as complete made me feel a sense of accomplishment.

Click here to download your own Plan of Attack!

So, how can you use this in your classroom? What is an accommodation that you use with your students that has proven to be successful?

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  1. I am in a similar learning support position and I really enjoyed hearing your ideas! I am always on the hunt for student organization ideas, so thanks for the freebie and for sharing your expertise!

    1. Thank you so much! These daily plans have been working so well for my students that now several of my co-workers are using them for their modified students.

  2. I love this! I have a class of students that this would be perfect for! If I used it with all of my classes, I think I would become too overwhelmed because of the number of students who come in and out of my classroom each day, but for this one particular class, I think it would really work. Thank you!


    1. I definitely think it can be great for a small group of kids when they need direction. I'd love to see how they use them and hear how they respond.

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! I look forward to sharing more of my tidbits with you soon!

  4. 1st-I love this idea of accomodation for students who need to have an aid in focusing!
    2nd-Do you only teach virtually???


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