Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Calling Guest Posters!

All Things Upper Elementary
When Jennifer Findley posted on Teachers Pay Teachers about the creation of a collaborative blog dedicated to sharing upper elementary resources, the response was overwhelming.  It was an idea that was long overdue! 

Each one of us, the 14 collaborators here on All Things Upper Elementary, is touched by the support you, our followers have given us as we have started sharing some of our favorite educational tips and resources in our first month of posting.

Now that you've gotten to know each of us a little better, it feels like the perfect time to take our collaboration to the next level.  We want YOU!  What is your favorite teaching tip or resource? 

If you have something you'd like to share with our growing audience of nearly 250 upper elementary teachers, please fill out the Guest Contributor Form (see "Want to Guest Post?" in the tabs above).  Your contact information will be kept private. 

After we take a peek at your TPT store and blog, you can expect an Email from one of us.  Once you are selected, we'll give you a date and tips on how to make your post great.  At that point you can decide if the date works for you, and if so, we'll help you through the process. 

Once your post goes live, you will not only have the satisfaction of knowing you shared your ideas with educators around the internet; you will also receive a very snazzy All Things Upper Elementary Guest Poster badge for your blog. 

So if you love blogging and you're looking for an opportunity to network, fill out the form above.

Thanks for reading,

P.S., Stay tuned tomorrow for our first guest contributor's post!  Many of you will recognize this teacher from the TPT forums, and the post contains a great online resource that many of your kiddos would enjoy!

P.P.S., If you've already filled out the Guest Contributor Form prior to 2/10/13, you should have already received an Email confirmation from me this week.  If you didn't receive an Email, please resubmit if you are still interested, and include your Email address so that I can contact you.  Thanks!

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