Thursday, February 14, 2013

Science Notebooking

As requested, I'm posting about my science notebooking. Last year our district adopted FOSS kits for our science curriculum.  FOSS has notebooking imbedded into their curriculum. We took what they had to offer and adapted it to the needs of our district.

Just like the math notebook, the students make their cover page.

Table of Contents

We start each unit by making a page for a word wall / word bank.

Following the word wall is a double page spread that has a concept map.

We work on the concept map together and when we are satisfied with what we have as a class, they students put it in their notebook. The word wall and concept map replace the vocabulary index and definitions that we have in our math journals.

We tape our lab sheets and any data we collect inside the notebooks.

 We have readers that go along with the kits. I have questions that the students answer in their notebooks.  Sometimes I have a strip of paper with the questions or a full sheet which we tape inside.

We add diagrams and notes with each unit. 

Sometimes we even add color pictures.

Do you use science journals?  What works for you?

Did you try notebooking after my math notebooking post? Tell us how it is going. Do you have more questions now that you have started to notebook?  

Please feel free to share your successes, questions or concerns you might have about notebooking.


  1. Thanks for sharing your Science notebook. I can't wait to give it a try!


    The Balanced Classroom

    1. Be sure to share with us how it goes!!


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