Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Meet Meg from Fourth Grade Studio!

Hello, everyone--allow me to introduce myself as your next upper elementary blogger!  My name is Meg and I am a 4th grade teacher who has been doing this teaching "gig" for twenty years now!  I have my masters in educational leadership/curriculum, and I have taught everything from first to sixth grades but have settled into fourth in recent years.  I absolutely LOVE that my students at least TRY to get my humor, that I can talk to them with all those wonderful "vivid words" that we love to throw out there--and that they get just as excited to learn about how much spit the human body produces in a day as I do!  (About a liter for most people...but don't tell my class until next week because we are "doing" digestion soon!).  I love what I do and I proud that I go to "school" every day while others go to "work"!

I have been married for nearly 18 years and am "Mom" to two wonderful boys (one who is severely autistic and the other who is extremely hilarious), a baseball fan--especially if my son is playing, an avid photographer and scrapbooker and now have entered the wonderful world of blogging--and I truly believe I have found my calling.  I am shocked and humbled by how fast my little blog has grown, and I hope you make your way over to check it out!  Whether you are looking for inspiration, teaching tips, or in-the-trenches teaching information, the Fourth Grade Studio has a little bit of all of it--and hopefully my addiction to taking photos will help make it all easier to imagine!  I'm a visual learner, so I like to "show" as well as "tell"!

In the last few months I have started my Teachers Pay Teachers store and have been pleased with how well my materials have been received!  If you are looking for reader's workshop, writer's workshop, or high quality math activities all aligned to the Common Core--stop over and check them out!  I am a firm believer in using assessments to guide my instruction and hope I can help you out with that as well!

You can find me on Facebook and Pinterest, and I hope you join in the fun!  I have included all my links below and would love it if you would join me...ask questions, make comments--I want my blog to be a place for great educational dialogue and the sharing of ideas.  We are in challenging times--and with the power of technology and collaboration, we can help each other through it!  This blog is a perfect example!

To thank you for stopping by, I'd love to hook you up with a few freebies from my TpT store.  I hope you enjoy them--and welcome to All Things Upper Elementary!

"Who am I as a reader?" survey

Reading Log: Stamina Edition

And as a bonus for stopping by, I am offering 10% off my entire store for today in honor of my "introduction" on this great new blog!  We'll see you back here soon!



  1. I've been at the teaching gig for 20 years too, and can't believe where the time has gone. The classroom is certainly where I belong.

  2. I enjoyed getting to know you a little better! Thank you for the "Who Am I as a Reader?" Survey!


  3. I love your introduction! I also get a kick out of the sense of humor in middle school. They really "get" things.

    This is my 24th year of teaching, but I refuse to believe that I am getting older. Kids keep us young! :)

  4. It is great "meeting" you, Meg. Thank you for the freebies. They look great!

  5. Thanks, Everyone! It is strange to see my writing on another blog! Nice to see I'm not the only "seasoned" teacher digging in to the blogging world! Looking forward to many more posts!

  6. Haha, I got a kick out of the "spit" fact! :) Your students must love being in your class!


    1. I won't tell you what we discussed today in science...let's just say the title of the book was "What Happens to a Hamburger". HA!

  7. When I think back to my school years, the teachers who I remember are the ones who had a sense of humor and who had unconventional teaching methods in order to hook us. You will be one of the teachers your students think fondly of when they are older! So excited to get to work with you :)

  8. I know what you mean about the "going to school" instead of "work," quote. Sometimes I feel like I'll never grow up because I still get to enjoy snow days! :D

    1. We just had a talk about snow days--it led to a post on my blog! There is something just so DECADENT about being home! :)

  9. I also love the upper grades because you can joke around with them, although my students don't always get my humor....

    Sometimes I'll say something to a student and they will give me this wide eyed look and another will have to say, "she's kidding with you!"

  10. Hey Meg!
    Thanks for your great introduction. So fun to get to know you better! 13 years here and can't believe how fast it is going by... phew!

  11. Meg, I love your freebies! I love literacy freebies!

    Teaching to Inspire in 5th


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